Olahraga air adalah olahraga yang fasilitas serta pelaksanaannya berada di air, baik itu tanpa alat bantu maupun dengan alat bantu. Contoh nya adalah ; kano, dayung, sky air dan lain-lain




Daftar Olahraga air Ada berbagai macam olahraga yang melibatkan air. Berikut ini adalah daftar olahraga air yang dibagi dalam beberapa kategori. Kategori-kategori ini didasarkan atas hubungan olahraga yang bersangkutan dengan air. Termasuk olahraga yang hanya sebagian menyangkut olahraga air, misalnya triathlon. Dalam air Renang meliputi renang kolam dan renang air terbuka Triatlon biasanya kombinasi dari renang, bersepeda, dan lari Modern pentathlon includes épée fencing, pistol shooting, swimming, a show jumping course on horseback, and cross country running Rescue swimming is swimming with the goal to rescue other swimmers or the practice thereof Polo air yang dimainkan secara beregu di air. Renang indah adalah gabungan dari renang, senam, dan balet. Water aerobics is aerobics in the water Water gymnastics is gymnastics in the water Snorkeling is the practice of swimming at the surface (typically of the sea) being equipped with a mask and a short tube called a snorkel. Diving off springboards or off platforms Synchronized diving Waboba is played with a waboba ball on beaches or in pools. Di bawah air Artikel utama untuk bagian ini adalah: Underwater sports Artikel utama untuk bagian ini adalah: Recreational diving ockey puck|puck]].Players wear diving masks, snorkels, and fins, and must surface to breathe while team mates continue the game on the pool bottom. Underwater rugby is rugby played under water. Two teams try to score goals by sending a slightly negatively buoyant ball into the opponents’ goal, which is situated on the bottom of the pool. Underwater photography, including underwater videography, is photography done under water. Numerous contests worldwide are arranged every year. Digital cameras have revolutionized how many divers participate. Di atas air Artikel utama untuk bagian ini adalah: Surface water sports Skurfing is where the participant “skurfs” behind a boat on a surfboard Barefoot water skiing is waterskiing with no skiis Boating is the use of boats Bodyboarding is similar to surfing, but the board is smaller and the person (normally) lies down on the board Kano Memancing, rekreasi dan olahraga menangkap ikan Flowboarding Jet Ski Kayak Kite surfing on flat water using a kite for propulsion Kiteboating Parasailing where a person is towed behind a vehicle (usually a boat) while attached to a parachute Rafting Dayung Layar menggunakan tenaga angin Sit-down hydrofoiling is riding on the water with a hydrofoil attached to a ski Skimboarding is a boardsport in which a board is used to ride on an incoming wave Stand up paddle surfing a surf style board with a paddle, used in flatwater or waves Selancar downhill on ocean waves or artificial waves in an artificial wave pool White Water Rafting Wakeboarding is similar to water skiing, but using only one board attached to the feet Wake skating is similar to wakeboarding, but the board is not attached to the feet Wakesurfing is a mix between wakeboarding and surfing Water skiing is using skis to slide over the water while being pulled by a boat or other device Windsurfing on flat water using wind for propulsion in combination with sails Yachting sailing on yachts, daysailing, cruising or Yacht racing


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